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Zhengchao Xu

Zhengchao Xu

Director, Screenwriter, writer. As a screenwriter, his film A woman, A gun, And a noodle shop was nominated for the main competition at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival. As both a screenwriter and director, his film Sad Fairy Tale was a contender in the main competition at the 36th Cairo International Film Festival. His work on the film Getting Better and Better was selected as the Best Picture at the Beijing University Student Film Festival in China.

His film The dry fable won the Fabrique du Cinéma Awards 2023 edition.

He dreams of opening a quaint teahouse where people can watch films amidst a haze of smoke and engage in leisurely chats.


+ Fabrique du Cinéma editorial staff 

Stefania Covella Works in the audiovisual industry as first assistant director and screenwriter for AndromedaFilm. She writes about cinema, TV series and gender issues for various magazines and has collaborated with Fabrique du Cinéma since 2018. She was on the jury at the Vision Film Festival of the Academy of Rome, at the Corti Corti Film Festival of Salento and was selected by the association the Embrace of the Mediterranean among the 100 authors who represent women's rights in Parliament, for the commitment demonstrated in the fight for gender equality in cinema and the media.

Francesco Di Brigida Active between Rome and Abruzzo, his articles are on as a blogger and collaborator since 2014.

He writes for Fabrique du Cinéma, online and on paper.

He is part of the SNCCI Italian Film Critics Union and you can read his other articles and interviews on, Cinecritica and other cinema publications. 

Chiara Del Zanno Journalist and groupie by profession, she trained on film sets and editorial offices. She currently writes and video interviews for Rolling Stone Italia, Fabrique du Cinéma and Déluge Magazine. She is very attentive to pop as well as to the niche, on even days she is Morettian and on odd ones no one can put Baby in a corner, but always with a special obsession for new cinema authors and emerging singer-songwriters. The real magic is to write about it before the others and then say: “We warned you”. Fabrique is a unique place to do this.

Elisa Teneggi is an author and cultural journalist. She graduated in Film Studies at the University of Edinburgh and collaborates with publications such as Rolling Stone, Alfredo, Fabrique du Cinéma, cheFare, La Balena Bianca, Linkiesta, CiboToday. She co-founded Collettivo Aùno, a writing group for the audiovisual sector and a project to train in the culture of cinema and film-making. Occasionally she writes trifles of fiction.



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Fabrique du Cinéma is a cross-media project for the young Italian cinema created by a community of professionals driven by love for cinema.


Behind the project is a network of hundreds of people born from the creative energy and the desire to build an alternative future for the seventh art. The project has evolved to become a traveling promotion event that embraces everyone from the audience to the new generations of filmmakers and professionals in the sector. Over nearly five years of Fabrique activity, the network has been functioning perfectly for the authors, artists and filmmakers that are making the cinema of the future. The magazine is distributed quarterly with over 10 thousands copies throughout the national territory, 74 color pages are supported by a functional web platform. The website and our social networks, increased media visibility and promotion of our content. The large public event of Fabrique, which takes place every three months, becomes a film festival along one night: round tables on film production; screening of short films; presentation of upcoming films with the presence of the authors, a big, exciting celebration for those who love cinema.

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