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Since 2015, Fabrique du Cinéma has been promoting a Creativity and Experimentation Award, honouring all those who strive to put together something original, by means of qualitative and technical research. In 2017, the Fabrique Award is going international as Fabrique du Cinéma Awards. Regardless of genre and background, the spirit is always one of relentless pursuit of that which is creative and innovative.

Fabrique du Cinéma is the only magazine that focuses on new Italian cinema. For five years now, it has been discovering and promoting young talent in direction, acting, recognized by budding and established Italian film-makers alike, who have all been supporting Fabrique du Cinéma since its foundation.

The pages of our magazine have narrated the story of icons like Francesco Rosi, the Taviani Brothers, Marco Bellocchio, Dario Argento and Matteo Garrone, as well as that of emerging artists, such as Gabriele Mainetti, Matteo Rovere, Piero Messina, Fabio Mollo and many others.

The first edition of the Fabrique Award (2015) had as winners Miriam Leone (Best Actress), Alessandro Borghi (Best Actor), Piero Messina with L’attesa (Best Debute Feature Film), Matteo Garrone with Tale of Tales (Best Innovative and Experimental Feature Film) and Federico Zampaglione (Best Music Theme).

In the second edition (2016) the prizewinners were Matilda De Angelis (Best Actress), Alessandro Sperduti (Best Actor), Marco Danieli with La ragazza del mondo (Best Debute Feature Film), Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro with Mine (Best Innovative and Experimental Feature Film), Theo Teardo (Best Music Theme).

With the 2017 edition, the categories have increased and have also turned to the international scene. In the main categories, the prizewinners were Valentina Bellè (Best Actress), Simone Liberati (Best Actor), Jarek Marszewski with Bikini Blue (Best International Feature Film), Andrea Magnani with Easy (Best Italian Debute Feature Film), Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri , Dario Sansone for Gatta Cinderella (Best Italian Experimental Feature Film) and Diego Buongiorno (Best Music Theme).

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