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"A Family Man" the new movie with Willem Dafoe

He has been an FBI officer, a convicted, a Vietnam soldier, a calm collected and german engineer, a counterfeiter, a vampire, Green Goblin. And still Jesus Christ, Pier Paolo Pasolini, a mouse, a fish: he is Willem Dafoe - one of the most iconic and versatile actors around - recently seen in Mark Williams’ Family Man, portraing the role of a ruthless manager in the Company where Gerard Butler works.

But Dafoe is a performer who likes to immerse himself in different and unconventional roles: we will see him cutting off his ear as Vincent Van Gogh in Julian Schnabel’s At Eternity’s Gate, supporting Aquaman as Vulko - an Atlantis’s politician and science adviser - in Justice League (2017) by Zack Snyder and Aquaman (2018) by James Wan; we’ll also see him attending at Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express (2017), and giving birth to seven identical daughters in a world that admits only single children in Tommy Wirkola’s fantasy thriller Seven Sisters (2017).

Still: Dafoe will be the voice of the powerful God of Death in Death Note (2017), Adam Wingard’s thriller inspired by the namesake manga, and he will try to pick up the pieces of several wasted lives in Sean Baker’s The Florida Project (2017) and finally he will retire himself in the home of inspiration for his compositions in Opus Zero (2017) by Daniel Graham.

A demonstration of eclecticism that’s not surprising, for an actor capable to give life to tormented, obscure characters, who though has been able to offer intense interpretations even in comedies and comedian roles.

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