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The best screenplay will be co-produced by Maestro Production

Fabrique du Cinéma announces that the prizes of the next edition of the Fabrique Awards are even richer: the winners of Best Screenplay will have the opportunity to produce their short film, thanks to Fabrique du Cinéma and Maestro Production.

Attentive to new realities in the world of film and audiovisual production, Maestro Production was born from a project by Antonio Giampaolo. In recent years he has produced about 50 music videos, collaborating with all the most important record labels and the most famous faces of Italian music. After the first two seasons, in 2019 it will produce the third season of New School, a De Agostini's project that will air on DeAKids.

Other collaborations include the production of a major project for Netflix and the promos that will air on Fox Italia. At the core of the Master Production philosophy there is the desire to involve young players in the sector and support projects by young directors and authors.

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