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Fabrique Awards 2021: here are all the winners

On December 22, at the Sala Umberto, a glittering and crowded awards evening for the Fabrique du Cinéma Awards 2021: led by Riccardo Festa and Francesca Inaudi, the stage was filled with the hottest nominees of young Italian cinema and guests such as Michela Giraud, Alex Britti, Francesco Montanari, Beppe Fiorello, Zerocalcare, the SlimDogs and the very young Cristina Magnotti (Fortuna, L'amica geniale) who recited a monologue on Syria for Save the Children, the evening's partner. The soundtrack was played by Stefano di Battista, who with his saxophone paid an intense and very personal tribute to Ennio Morricone.

Photogallery (photographer: Matteo Quartarone)

Giancarlo Commare awarded for Best Actor Fabrique du Cinéma Awards 2021 by Francesco Montanari

Here are all the winners in the 12 categories of the Fabrique du Cinéma Awards:

Best Short Film Screenplay

In buone mani by Mirco Roncoroni

Best TV Series Concept

Mirella by Gregory Fields

Best International Short Film

Hair Tie, Egg, Homework Books by Runxiao Luo

Best International Documentary

Her Stories by Abd Al-Kader Habak

Best Italian Short Film

The Moor (Il Moro) by Daphne Di Cinto

Best Italian Soundtrack

Federico Bisozzi and Davide Tomat for the film Mondocane

Best Italian Actor

Giancarlo Commare for Maschile singolare

Best Italian Actress

Irene Vetere for The Den (La tana)

Best TV Series

Tear Along the Dotted Line (Strappare lungo i bordi) by Zerocalcare

Best International Feature Film

Botox ​​by Kaveh Mazaheri (Iran)

Best Italian Debut Feature Film

The aphid and the ant (L’afide e la formica) by Mario Vitale

Best Italian Innovative and Experimental Feature Film

The Tale of King Crab (Re Granchio) by Alessio Rigo de Righi and Matteo Zoppis

Partners of the Fabrique du Cinéma Awards:

DG Cinema e Audiovisivo – Ministero della Cultura, Teatro Sala Umberto, Save the Children, BCC, RaiMovie, DeSisti, D-Vision – Movie People, Agenti Spettacolo Associati, Kosmos VFX, Aurora, SlimDogs, Harumi, IDL Makeup, Cattive Produzioni


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